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What Is Maidscape?

Maidscape is a transparent home cleaning service offering a better way to keep your place tidy. We provide quality cleanings for homes, apartments, studios, condos, rentals, and more. Since we automate all the standard tasks, from submitting your personal information, scheduling a cleaning and processing online payments, you have more time to relax. Welcome to the Maidscape neighborhood –where homeowners can take a breather while we take care of the mess!

Step 1: Choose cleaning

Head over to our booking page, it takes less than 60 seconds to book your house cleaning appointment.

Maidscape Home Cleaning And House Cleaning Services.
Maidscape Home Cleaning And House Cleaning Services.

Step 2: Select Extras

Pick and choose any of the preferences that fit your cleaning routine, from cleaning interior windows to cleaning inside your fridge. We'll take care of it all.

Step 3: Wait For Us To Arrive

You'll receive instant confirmation for your booking, just wait for us to take care of the rest.

Maidscape home cleaning and house cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

We know the last thing you need is an unkept home, that's why we're offering a hassle-free cleaning service. All of our cleanings are easily scheduled online with flat rate pricing. No need for estimates, quotes or inspections. We're confident that you'll love Maidscape or we'll give you your money back. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give our home cleaning service a try, you have nothing to lose.

Our Services

Maidscape Standard Cleaning

At Maidscape, every cleaning package includes: doors and doorknobs, light switches, window railings, mirrors, cabinets doors, all appliance surfaces, dusting, and those pesky hard water stains on your shower door.

Maidscape Deep Cleaning

Most people could use some help keeping their home fresh and tidy. Especially, if you have little time -and even more so if you got kids, pets, or health concerns. If your house needs some extra love, Maidscape's deep clean option will get the job done.

Maidscape Move In/Out Package

If you need every inch of your home cautiously, powerfully, brilliantly scrubbed, polished, and revived, we are the right company for you. We work with strength and intelligence to help you achieve your goals -whether you are moving in or out, we have what it takes to tackle the dirt left behind. Contact Maidscape today and prepare to be amazed.

You Deserve a Clean Home

Trusted Cleaning Professionals

We choose the right people to care for your home.

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  •   I have never hired a cleaning service because I am the rare breed that actually enjoys cleaning. I deep clean once a week and it serves as a sort of therapy for me. I also like things done my way and to be honest, I've never really trusted anyone else to come in and do it. I had surgery recently and deep cleaning wasn't an option. After 2 weeks, I broke down and decided to hire someone. Maidscape did an AMAZING job. 3 people worked on my 2 bedroom apartment for a little over 2 hours. They were on time, friendly, and efficient. They far exceeded any expectation I had. AND, they left me a bottle of wine as a thank you when they were done. I recently bought a house and I am highly considering giving up some of my cleaning duties and having them come weekly once I move! Thank you for an awesome experience!

    thumb Michelle C.

      Amazing service! They came out to our apartment and did a fantastic job. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants friendly, hard working staff. They did an awesome job and can't wait to use them again.

    thumb Jay A.
  •   I had an indoor foundation repair done. The contractor left with a ton of dust in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and den.
    I called Maidscape and spoke to Daniel. He sounded very nice and professional. He came in to inspect the job. In a few minutes he gave me a quote over the phone and I agreed. Him and his team, Lily and Jimmy, came in promptly. They worked so hard and did a great job!
    All members of my household, especially the ladies, were so delighted and impressed! On the walls, windows, and countertops- not a tiny bit of dust detected! Everything was sparkling clean! I most highly recommend this company. Hire them and you will not regret it!

    thumb Tahimik T.

      If you guys are looking for a deep precision cleaning this is the company for you. They were very punctual, showing up at the planned time and went straight to cleaning the house immediately. 5/5 stars house looks spotless.

    thumb Lawrence L.
  •   Wow! Maidscape exceeded my expectations with their cleaning service. I used to use Molly Maid , but the ladies there were so slow. They should change their name from Molly Maid to "Molly-come-down" maids since they moved like they popped too many Mollies the night before. Anyways, I used Maidscape to clean up after one of my tenants moved out of my rental home . There was a disgusting mess including animal dander and tough stains. Maidscape cleaned everything up and made the place spotless and ready for display. I was surprised by how efficient and quick they were. If you want quality, ditch those big Maid services and go with maidscape. Also, the employees are very friendly and nice, they def value their customers. I love maidscape!!

    thumb Francis C.

      The service was on point and straight forward.  No gimmicks! My place was trashed after the biggest turn up of my LIFE... Thanks to maidscape I had my pad fresh n clean within an hour. They are quick and efficient. Also, the website is also very easy to navigate and to place appointments. **Highly recommend!!

    thumb Steve L.

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