Services & Pricing

Our transparent prices eliminate any surprise typically associated with other cleaning companies. Whether you live in a five bedroom home or a small studio, we always send out a team to make sure we exceed your expectations, and there will never be any surprises associated with your booking.

We offer 20% off for monthly cleanings, 35% for biweekly and 45% for weekly

What are you getting?

Certified Cleaning Team (1-3 people).

All tools and supplies included.

Wonderful and fast customer service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Standard vs Deep Clean:

Our prices are flat-rate for most homes. All of our standard cleanings include dusting and washing of all reachable surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances & cabinets, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, and vacuuming or mopping of all floors. If your home needs an extra kick or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, we definitely recommend the deep clean package.

Deep cleaning:

We offer this package if you have not had your place professionally cleaned within the past three (3) months, or if you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis. A deep clean includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to detail (baseboards, vents, ceiling fans, etc). It is a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning, recommended for the first visit.

Move in / out:

Our move in/move out cleanings are extremely thorough, designed to prepare a home for a new tenant. Houses and apartments can gather years of dust and grime left by previous tenants. We’ll clean and sanitize every spot, and give you a stress-free welcome to your new home. Perfect for those moving in or out! If you own real estate, or list rentals through AirBnB, this is the service for you.


Deep Cleaning

Move In/Out 

Interior Cabinet Cleaning 
(Cabinets must be emptied or all things will be thrown out.)

Interior Windows 

Wipe Walls
(Cleaning of the walls to the extent allowable by condition of paint.)

Inside Fridge 
(Must be empty or all things will be thrown out.)

Inside Microwave

Inside Oven

Services Not Offered

Cleaning / Placing Dishes

Cleaning Chandeliers & Light Fixtures

Moving / Cleaning Under Furniture

Heavy Wall Cleaning

Cleaning Bio-Hazards (Mold, Bodily Fluids, Etc.)

Hoarding / Animal Waste / Insects

Heavy Duty / Steam Carpet

High to Reach Areas (More than a 2 step ladder)

Washing of Exterior Windows

Outside Cleaning (Backyard, Garage, Sheds)