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the maidscape standard

We put our customers first because we really care about you. We want nothing more than to provide the ultimate house cleaning service and get your home cleaned to perfection. You can rest assured when you book online with Maidscape, you are in safe hands.

Maidscape was founded in November of 2016 in Walnut, CA. Started by two people in desperate need of a reliable maid service. People think of us as just a cleaning service, but we are more than that.

When you hire us, you become a part of our family. We know it takes a lot of trust to let someone into your home and trust is something we take very seriously. We hand pick our staff and make sure they have a minimum of one year experience before being considered. Then we put them through our training program to make sure they meet our requirements. This is why when we say we are the best, we mean it!

You’re expecting top-notch, reliable services with the least amount of hassle possible. That's what we offer. The cleaners that show up at your door will go above and beyond for you and ensure that you are taken care of. Your house cleaning will always come with great customer service and even greater cleaners.

Customer Service is what sets us apart

We strive to make your house cleaning experience both easy and enjoyable. We’re here for you. Our housekeepers follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure that nothing is missed. If you have any requests, simply let us know and it will be automatically added to the top of our list. We make sure that the job is done and done right within the time allotted, but if more time is needed, there are no extra fees. Like we said, we stay until the job is finished! If you’re not satisfied we’ll set up a re-clean to make it right. If you’re still not satisfied with our work we are proud to stand by our 100% money-back-guarantee.

Did You Know?

Maidscape keeps products as natural as possible while still maintaining shine, so it’s safe for you, your family, your pets, and safe for the environment. The less chemicals the better. We also have a complete green cleaning service where we use only natural products, zero chemicals, free of charge.