About Us

We are Lily and Daniel,

a couple living in Southern California. As college students, we relied heavily on housekeeping services to feel happy and comfortable at home. Unfortunately, finding the right cleaning company is a lot harder than finding a soulmate! With tons of disappointing experiences, canceled appointments, terrible communication, incomplete jobs, and unresponsive customer service, we decided we had what it takes to create a better cleaning company with only the highest of standards. We’ve created an awesome house cleaning service that even our parents and friends love to use. We want to clean your houses as well as we do ours.

Maidscape is extremely selective when hiring staff:

  • We pick the best of the best and compensate them accordingly.
  • We constantly research the best products and techniques to use for the most effective cleaning.
  • Because we care about your health, we use natural and eco-friendly products.
  • Our customer service is excellent and we are committed to making you happy.
  • We’ve created a way to simplify your experience: minimizing the effort it takes to order the service.
  • Our prices are flat and transparent -no surprises!
  • We show up on time. Every time.